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Competency Framework

A practical, interactive workshop to give you confidence in developing and using competencies in your day-to-day work AND meet the needs of your organisation.

What are competencies?

Competencies are a way of measuring WHAT a jobholder does, and HOW the job is performed. There may be no difference in what two managers achieve. But if one manager’s communication skills are not as developed as those of his / her colleague, it is likely that the objectives are achieved in a much less competent way. High achievers already know that to get more done, they have to make sure they reach their goals­ because of their behaviour, not in spite of it. So, being able to describe and share with others the behaviour behind the job leads to better understanding and vastly improved job performance. Being able to describe a job in terms of such behaviour and sharing that with others leads to a deeper understanding of how performance can be improved.

How are competencies used in training?

Competencies underpin all aspects of business, from management development to improving interpersonal skills. Competent managers need to fully understand concepts such as motivation, leadership and effective communication ­and competencies are the building blocks. By getting participants to see themselves as role models for good management. They will understand how they ‘perform’ against a range of behaviours, often in difficult circumstances. And they’ll understand that the way they perform is just as important as the task they get done. You can use competencies in debriefs after an activity, in feedback in role-plays and mock interviews and in the activities themselves.

Competencies sound complicated ­are they?

Not at all. They need to be placed in context, both in terms of the skills being developed (such as leadership) and the sector / industry that is using them. They have to mean something to the people in your company, not just plain words on a page. This is why it is important to use them in training­ so that participants adapt them to their own circumstances.

I already have a competency framework. How can I benefit from the interactive workshop and The Competencies Activity Pack?

You’ll be able to measure your own framework against the framework discussed in the resource and evaluate and identify areas where you can make improvements. You’ll be able to use a number of activities to extend the use of the framework beyond performance management such as discipline or succession planning and, if your framework has been disregarded, then this resource can be used to re-energise a competency-based people management process.

If I don’t have one, would I be able to devise a competency framework using this interactive workshop?

Absolutely. The first section is aimed at introducing competencies. This has activities to show you how to:

What is this interactive workshop about?

More and more organisations have decided upon a competency based approach, which means that everyone needs training in understanding and using them properly. The one-day interactive workshop has been designed specifically to help ensure optimum success with existing or planned competency frameworks. It charts the history and background to competencies and gives you tools to make sure your competency framework is understood, enthusiastically embraced, and correctly and consistently applied throughout your organisation.

Who should attend?

This one-day interactive workshop has been designed for all those who use, or plan to use, competency frameworks, including:

7 Key Benefits

This interactive workshop will help you to:

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