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Creative Problem Solving


A journey into new territory - innovative solutions for business success 

For most of us, our upbringing and education has been dominated by traditional analytical thinking. With little room for creativity or imagination within the curriculum, is it any wonder that work is so often dominated by routine and one-dimensional thinking? It doesn’t have to be like this. Our Creative Problem Solving programme takes you on a journey to explore new territories and open up new business possibilities.

Putting creativity straight to work

By applying our unique step-by-step hands-on methods, delegates are able to implement what they have learnt immediately. Throughout the programme, delegates work in teams on problems that they are currently facing at work. They leave with clarity, focus and insight to solve the day-to-day issues that get in the way of a healthy, productive, ideas-oriented working environment.

During the programme, we show you how to balance traditional ‘left brain’ analytical thinking, helping you discover new potential locked within your neglected  “right brain”. This is the side that provides the inspiration and imagination that allows you to look beyond the immediate and the obvious to focus on the big picture, strategy and vision.

Using both the left and right sides of your brain, we’ll show you how to integrate creativity, emotion and ‘gut-feel’ with your analytical and logical abilities. You can then apply these together to solve problems and unlock new areas of opportunity waiting to be discovered in your business.

Once you become a creative problem solver we guarantee you’ll never go back!

TWI are always very innovative… they always seem to find a new way of addressing issues and always add value but don’t let you shirk away from real issues.

Andy Givens, Head of International IT, HSBC

Excessive debate generates more heat than light!

Excessive debate can not only create bad feeling and disengagement, but can also stall or de-rail the decision-making process completely. We’ll teach you techniques to build a consensus that combines the multiple perspectives of diverse stakeholders.This way everyone feels involved and committed to the decision and part of the solution.

Creative Problem Solving programme benefits

In short, you and your team will be able to:

Creative Problem Solving

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Executives: create a vision to drive business success and uncover innovative solutions to recurring problems

Managers: push forward with deliverables and without getting sidetracked by peripheral issues

Leadersradically change the way you do business and bring the entire team with you

Like all TWI courses, our Creative Problem Solving programme takes participants on a journey into new territory.  We’ll show you how to integrate both the left and right sides of your brain, allowing you at last to combine creativity, emotion and ‘gut-feel’ with your analytical and logical skills.

A unique method with 100% success

We recognise the most common problems you have to face as an organisation have an emotional element.  On this programme we use a completely unique and innovative method to uncover the emotional root of problems.  We’re the only training company to use this method and we’re proud to report it has 100% success rate.

Using our methods you’ll be able to apply what you have learnt on our Creative Problem Solving programme immediately. That’s because around 90% of what you learn on a Teamworking International course is translated back into the workplace, compared to around 30% of traditional training.

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Learning through action - every program we deliver is highly practical and addresses real live issues.  We use simulations, exercises and case studies and all our methods are based on the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research findings.  Everything we deliver and challenge our participants to think about leads back to one simple question ­ “what am I going to do differently back at work and how?”.

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