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At last an affordable solution to your employee engagement needs

IMAGINE your people highly engaged, feeling valued, motivated, taking ownership for their issues, managing differences and talking to each other rather than about each other - what difference would this make to morale, productivity and profitability? If you want to dramatically improve the performance, productivity, motivation and engagement of your people, then this program is ideal.  Using an on-line interactive system of measures, activities and resources, combined with guided coaching sessions, you can expect to achieve: 

What that means for your organisation is the ability to increase your profit margins and create a prosperous, happy and highly productive working environment for your entire business.

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TWI helped me to be more understanding and appreciate everyone is working towards the correct goal but within the parameters of their role, my urgency isn't necessarily theirs.

Robert Letts, Sales and Marketing Manager, Acoulite



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Introduction to Programme
Level-1 - The Diagnostic
Level-2 - The Solution

    Dramatic rise in staff engagement levels at one of the world’s biggest banks

    HSBC measures its employee engagement levels annually through an on-line survey. Recent results from the International IT Department indicated all was not well ­ reduced levels of engagement were a cause for concern.
    This department services the global systems that support 9500 offices in 85 different countries. They commissioned Teamworking International to deliver An Even Better Place to Work Programme, alongside face to face training and feedback, in order to bring key issues out into the open and provide a forum where staff could talk honestly about their concerns.  It became clear that poor communication and the fear of change were the root cause of employee disengagement.

    The Results
    Following the Even Better Place to Work programme, the department is now working together as one.  In the latest company engagement survey, the levels were up “dramatically”, to quote HSBC Programme Sponsor Andy Given.
    A dialogue has now been created within the HSBC’s International IT Department, not just between management and workforce but across the entire team. An Even Better Place to Work Programme has enabled open communication and significantly enhanced productivity.

    Experience An Even Better Place To Work™ and see the difference that it makes when your teams take personal ownership for improving their engagement at work

    • A powerful and innovative Solution to People Problems
    • Attract and Retain Quality People
    • An Ideal Resource when Time and Budgets are Limited!
    • Grows Internal Ownership
    • Systemised and Sustained Change
    • Engages Staff and Generates commitment to your organisational goals
    • Can be used with a single team, a department or whole company
    • A totally automated programme
    • Systemised and incremental
    • Quick, efficient and lasting
    • Micro to macro rather than top down
    • Aligns with 360 feedback, investors in people and 100 Best Companies
    • Highly cost effective

    Is An Even Better Place to Work suitable for our business?

    This highly successful and cost-effective programme is ideal for busy employees and suitable for any sized company in any sector of business.  With immediate results that are long-lasting, this programme can transform your business from the inside out.

    We understand that choosing a corporate training organisation is not easy.  However, our proven track record and experience in both the UK and the Middle East ensure that you will benefit from:

    • The emotionally intelligent learning approach that we deliver is proven to be up to 80% more effective for skill-retention and personal development
    • Teamworking International programmes are specifically created for individual customers and are not ‘off-the-shelf’ packages; they are built around the particular needs of your business
    • Combined with the emotional learning technique is our coaching approach which provides insight, self-awareness and maximum skills transfer
    • Our programmes are uniquely focused on implementation and return on investment.  We don’t simply walk away from the training room; we hold each individual accountable and insist their new skills are utilised within the business, benefiting both individual and organisation
    • Our unique follow-up systems ensure that learning is effectively implemented back at work

    Fundamentally, we partner with and work alongside our clients throughout all our training programmes.  Continuous feedback, evaluation and communication occurs throughout any programme

    Look at what An Even Better Place To Work™ has achieved!

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    Probably the best week I have had from the bank in my 27 years.  I feel I have gained personally and so has the bank.

    Senior Manager, HSBC


    About Us

    Learning through action - every program we deliver is highly practical and addresses real live issues.  We use simulations, exercises and case studies and all our methods are based on the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research findings.  Everything we deliver and challenge our participants to think about leads back to one simple question ­ “what am I going to do differently back at work and how?”.

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