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Leadership Skills

Transform your managers into future leaders

Our Leadership Skills training is a highly interactive programme that transforms managers into future leaders, with the skills to unlock the profit-making potential of your entire workforce.
Did you know..?
92% of bosses believe they are excellent managers.
70% of employees say that the worst aspect of their job is their boss.

Research shows that poor leadership is often at the root of employee dissatisfaction, which can have a huge impact on productivity, creativity and in turn, company profits. Yet a great leader can give their team the desire to achieve success, inspire each individual to make the most of their talents and ultimately enhance the turnover of any business.

“Leadership is about getting people to do what you want them to do, because they want to do it!”  Eisenhower

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Programme benefits

Our Leadership Skills programme looks beyond the confines of traditional training and focuses on individual potential and will show you how to:

TWI inject energy, inspiration and professionalism into their work, and this is consistently reflected in feedback from delegates, who acquire new tools and insights to bring to their work and ultimately deliver business benefit.

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When you invest in Leadership Skills training with TWI, you’re investing in a programme with proven results that translate into greater success for your organisation.  Here are some of the lasting benefits you can expect to achieve: 

Increased Profit

  • Learn how to lead and influence others to produce new levels of performance
  • Become a powerful communicator and get your message heard
  • Use your emotions to connect with people, build relationships and increase productivity
  • Team Productivity
  • Inspire others to achieve goals through their own desire for success
  • Find the sources of conflict before they become damaging issues
  • Banish blame culture and gain honest feedback

Personal Effectiveness

  • Tap into the power of your emotions and use them to enhance your natural abilities
  • Develop ‘WISE’ goals that will engage and inspire you and your team
  • Increase personal productivity by putting an end to low value tasks

Like all TWI courses, our Leadership Skills programme looks beyond the confines of traditional training and focuses on individual potential. Our programme will show you how to:

  • Connect and engage with your staff: with effective communications training you’ll be able to build relationships, solve engagement problems and work together towards shared objectives
  • Use your emotions intelligently: 80% of performance is driven by emotion. Learn to use your emotions intelligently to enhance leadership performance
  • Discover your core purpose: a unique process to discover the fundamental nature of your role within your organisation. Learn to use this powerful process to help your staff understand their real worth and the importance of their contribution
  • Adapt your leadership style: everyday a leader faces new challenges.  We show you how and when to adapt your style with a variety of approaches, from the democratic to the authoritative.
  • Effective time management: make time to focus on business objectives by learning how to stop wasting time and avoid being side-tracked by low value tasks

For more information about our range of programmes or to discuss your specific training needs please call us on +44 (0) 1590 644 107 or click here to go to our contact page

About Us

Learning through action - every program we deliver is highly practical and addresses real live issues.  We use simulations, exercises and case studies and all our methods are based on the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research findings.  Everything we deliver and challenge our participants to think about leads back to one simple question ­ “what am I going to do differently back at work and how?”.

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