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Hidden forces at work in negotiation ...


Save over £20,000 per month with our negotiation skills training

This programme has become a HUGE HIT internationally. Described as 'head and shoulders above the rest', Black Belt Negotiator has a proven record of success and has been used within major companies such as HSBC, American Express, City University, Mace, Qatar Airways, Dana Gas and Siemens to reduce costs, generate new business, and increase profit.

Science NOT to be Ignored

Thanks to the latest neuroscience research, we know more about the human brain, and how we make decisions, than ever before - but most of us are still unaware of how to apply these new insights to negotiation.

Based on neuroscience and expert research, this is a tried-and-tested path, to revolutionise your ability to achieve a profitable outcome each and every time you make a deal… and build lasting relationships with your trading partners.

Even better, our research shows that the payback period for this program is less than one month. So you can expect to see return on investment the moment your people get back to work.

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Black Belt Negotiator breaks down into five steps, each of which is crucial within the overall negotiating process. The programme carefully examines where negotiations can go wrong and seeks to replace bad habits, uncertainty and fear with effortless technique and confidence – ensuring you never make unnecessary concessions again!

“This is the best course I have ever attended in my 20 years with Amex” - Akram Atef, Account Manager, American Express 

Neuroscience sheds light on how certain negotiating behaviours unintentional result in alienating the other side - we demonstrate why and the methods you should be using instead! The programme emphasises the importance of long-term business relationships, focusing on tradeables and win-win solutions that keep both sides happy. 
Replace fear and uncertainty with confidence!

Don't just meet targets - exceed them!

Don't let others get the better of you in business - make sure the balance of power is in YOUR favour! This programme is perfect for sales and negotiation professionals at any stage in their career - whether you are working on internal or external negotiations.

Unleash your inner negotiator

Join us for a bite-size seminar that offers a guaranteed learning experience and tangible benefits you can apply the minute you return to work.

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It's a must course that should be mandatory for finances, sales and all staff dealing with suppliers and third p

Stephen Olaitan, Senior Financial Manager, Qatar Airways



Negotiation skills training benefits

We create a highly interactive environment where you learn by experience:

Others teach negotiation ... WE CREATE NEGOTIATORS

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Our Negotiation Skills Training has a proven track record in creating high performing negotiators.  We put this down to our hands-on, interactive approach to learning the 5-step Process to Win-Win Negotiation:

Prepare: know what you want and prepare psychologically. Always negotiate as an equal partner, don't assume they have the upper hand.

Discuss: listen to what the other party wants and find out their 'hidden' interests.  Even if pricing seems to be the surface issue, there are always more powerful undercurrents.  What are the tradeables that are low cost to you, but high value for them?

Propose a deal that suits both sides.  Make sure you get something in return for any concession that you might have to give.

Trade: refine the deal and know how to spot any tricks that may be used to undermine your position.

Close: complete the deal with confidence that you've entered a long-term mutually profitable relationship.

There are a number of key reasons why people underperform when it comes to negotiating. The most common ones are:

Giving too much away: successful sales negotiation requires looking under the surface to discover what people actually want from the deal.  Don't make assumptions about pricing and above all, don't give anything away without getting something in return.  Always trade, don't concede.

Fear of damaging the relationship by being too tough: by listening to and satisfying needs you can actually enhance this relationship.

Failure to understand the negotiation process:  the structure, your language and body language can dramatically affect the outcome.

Lack of psychological preparation: all too often people believe the other side has the power. We create negotiators who can shift the balance of power and take control of the negotiating process every time.

Fear of 'blowing the deal': successful negotiation requires changing your mindset and viewing a deal as a partnership.  

The Teamworking Negotiation Skills Training creates highly successful negotiators who have the skills, knowledge and confidence to eliminate these shortcomings and reach a profitable conclusion in every deal they make.

Black Belt Negotiator

The Black Belt Negotiator

'Head and shoulders above the rest'

This programme has empowered hundreds of employees across the globe to become masters in negotiation and companies such as Qatar Airways and HSBC have praised our methods and the results they have achieved.

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Can YOU tell when someone is bluffing?

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Learning through action - every program we deliver is highly practical and addresses real live issues.  We use simulations, exercises and case studies and all our methods are based on the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research findings.  Everything we deliver and challenge our participants to think about leads back to one simple question ­ “what am I going to do differently back at work and how?”.

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