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Neurosales - apply neuroscience to double YOUR sales


No one likes being sold to, but we all like buying

Neuroscience sheds light on how certain selling behaviours actually result in alienating your customer - we will demonstrate why this happens and the methods you should be using instead!

Press your customers' buy buttons

By applying insights from neuroscience research, we will show you how to really boost your sales performance and make your product or service stand out from the competition.

If your business is to succeed in the present AND flourish in the future, you need to shift focus onto your customers' lifetime value.  Our Neurosales programme delivers proven methods that provide long-lasting results for your organisation.

Immediate benefits:

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Introducing the power of Neurosales - apply neuroscience to double your sales

Discover the latest insights from neuroscience and positive psychology, into what makes people buy at our internationally acclaimed seminar

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Alimera Sciences
Thank you for the excellent two days training you ran for my UK team on Neuroplasticity. The programme opened our eyes to a new perspective of how the brain works and in particular some of the fixed beliefs that we had that have been holding us back. We were challenged on the psychology importance of how customer decisions are made and this created a realisation that we have not connected with the emotional side of selling. I have witnessed an immediate change in the team and have seen many examples of the new learning being implemented.

David Robertson, Head of Operational Excellence, Europe and UK Country Manager, Alimera Sciences Ltd

Programme benefits

This programme will transform the way you and your organisation do business. Using our hands-on, interactive methods you'll be ready to apply your new integrity sales skills as soon as you're back in the field.  What this means for your organisation is the immediate development of new business opportunities, dynamic customer relationships and long-term profitability.  

Here are some of the benefits our clients have achieved from the Integrity Sales Skills Programme:

Selling is about much more than just the here and now.  It's about carving a secure and prosperous future for your business through the creation of long-term mutually profitable relationships with your customers. 

Following our Neurosales Programme you'll be able to:

  • Create enduring partnerships with your customers that benefit both parties
  • Establish trust, credibility and integrity
  • Employ consultative sales skills to ensure your customers' precise needs are met
  • Radically transform the way you feel about selling and change the mindset of your sales force
  • Generate long-term relationships that provide continuing and secure turnover

Building partnerships
The key to integrity selling is the partnership approach, which ensures your sales force work with clients to solve their problems.  By treating each and every transaction with the partnership mentality, you'll develop long-term customer relationships that focus on repeat business and exciting opportunities for growth­ in short, lifetime value.

Like all TWI courses, this programme uses cutting-edge techniques that are far removed from traditional courses. Where others may attempt to teach through classroom theory, we create a highly interactive environment where you learn by experience.

When you invest in Neurosals Training with TWI, you're investing in a programme with proven results that translate into profit-making potential for your organisation.

For more information about our range of programmes or to discuss your specific training needs please call us now on +44 (0) 1590 644 107 or click here to go to our contact page


'I found this program eye-opening. It has given me a clear understanding of establishing my client needs. Role play especially helped embed these techniques which I intend on utilising everyday.'

Ryan McAlindin, Property consultant, ViaNova Real Estate

About Us

Learning through action - every program we deliver is highly practical and addresses real live issues.  We use simulations, exercises and case studies and all our methods are based on the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research findings.  Everything we deliver and challenge our participants to think about leads back to one simple question ­ “what am I going to do differently back at work and how?”.

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