About us

About us

How we are different

Unique approach

Our approach is completely different to any other training company because we apply neuroscience to help business leaders change mindsets at all levels. The bedrock of all our programmes is a profound and passionate belief that your people need not be prisoners of limiting beliefs and future possibilities are limitless.

Latest neuroscience research

Our applied neuroscience and positive psychology methods ‘unlock the door’ for your people to experience an exciting and immediate impact. Your people will think differently and perform better from the moment they begin their journey with us.

Transformational learning

Change will be long-lasting – not a ‘honeymoon period’ followed by a lapse so prevalent with traditional forms of training.

  • Why?
    Neuroscience research proves that you can change substantially. Our passion is seeing people grow and become the best they can be and – more importantly – who they want to be.
  • How?
    We drive behaviour through tailored science-backed solutions that align with your goals. We tap into the part of the brain that governs feelings, trust, loyalty and decision-making.
  • What?
    We enable change that lasts, get you the results you want through people who want to work for you.

Astonishing results

Your people will realise that their current abilities are no reflection of their potential. Research has proved that if we can harness people’s potential by adopting the right mindset, we can significantly boost their productivity.

By instigating change at individual and organisational levels, we help you to create a happy, engaged and productive workforce. And your organisation, your people and your customers will all profit.


What our clients say

Neuroscience for business

TWI people

Meet the team

Our team have been helping business leaders come up with innovative solutions to age-old problems for 21 years

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TWI in the media


Tom Flatau continues to inspire audiences with his neuroscience for business presentations – with astonishing results!

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TWI accreditation


Our programmes are accredited and quality-assured by the UK’s prestigious Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM)

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Case studies

Our proven success

 Discover how TWI has helped to achieve dramatic results and greater financial reward for our clients in a selection of success stories:



TWI helped create cohesion, boost employee engagement and increase productivity at the BBC

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Siemens Case Study


TWI’s training helped Siemens reduce project losses and increase profit with impressive results

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HSBC case study


TWI programme brings about a dramatic shift in employee engagement levels at HSBC

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